About Us


About Nichol Industries

NICHOL Industries has been providing quality services to clients for over 60 years.


Our history is well established and progressive. While the history of NICHOL traces back to the Barr Brothers from 1918, its more recent history dates from the 50's. Even in the early days the company specialised in engraving, steel stamp manufacturing and stencil cutting. not far removed from today's basic products. The first member of the Nichol family, Barry Nichol commenced his apprenticeship with the company in 1952 as a die-maker and letter-cutter. On Barry completing his apprenticeship the family purchased the business and in 1958 registered the name Barr Bros Pty.Ltd.


In the same year Trevor joined the company and took on the die making trade. In 1960 the whole business was relocated to Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, where eventually progress took its toll, claiming the factory land for road widening. However progress was ongoing with the formation of Nichol Automatic Marking Equipment in 1968 and by 1970 Bertram Badges was aquired taking the company to another part of Hoddle Street where construction of a new factory was commenced behind the old building. This was an acquisition strategy that saw a positive move to the future with the commencement of badge making in the new premises after its completion in 1972. with the promise of growth realised in 1987 at the completion of the second stage of the factory.


To encompass the many changes and continued growth, a new company was formed in 1980. And under the banner of Nichol International Pty. Ltd. The company now more effectively marketed its, engraving, marking, ink and badge products.

Again in 1993 the product range was enhanced with the inclusion of the Telesis Pinstamping computer controlled marking machines from U.S.A. This range of high quality stamping equipment complements the other marking products available, as well as the Automator range of impact and roll marking stamping machines.


With continued expansion, 1998 was the year NICHOL Industries Pty. Ltd. moved to its current address located at 50 Terracotta drive, Nunawading. This was a move toward upgrading the manufacturing equipment to the latest technology in badge-making, engraving, metal stamping and servicing of equipment, to serve you better. Underlying the history of NICHOL Industries are the people, the systems, the equipment and service always with excellence in everything we do for you our customer firmly in mind.


Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that all our products we make or supply to you as our customer adds value to your business, meets your specified needs and truly represents you in the marketplace. in a way you will be proud of. When we supply you with a product or service, our highly trained team will take the time to ensure your complete satisfaction. Its our aim to understand what you need and how you wish to use our products, to ensure what we supply is totally right for your particular application. and always exceeds your expectation.


By providing our staff with a safe caring environment in which to work and prosper. by employing the most up to date design and manufacturing methods and working within systems and guidelines of the highest industry standards. you can be assured the team at Nichol will always treat you in an honest ethical and totally professional manner.


With careful attention to the things that count, in making up our whole organisation, we not only strive to maximise the benefits to you, our customer, but also as an employer, our relationship with our many suppliers and the company shareholders.



Quality Statement

The Quality Policy of NICHOL Industries Pty. Ltd. is to provide products and services that not only meet but exceed our customers' needs or expectations. It is our aim to achieve the best practice in the service we provide.

Through the implementation of QUALITY STANDARD ISO 9001 and the commitment and effort towards Quality of each individual working within our team framework we will achieve this goal.

All employees are encouraged to continuously search for improvements in the way our business is conducted. Management will support this by promoting employee participation and providing the training as required.

We will encourage our suppliers to have a recognised Quality Standard and preference will be given to those suppliers who can support us in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001.

This Quality policy has our full support and commitment and we expect the same from all our people.