Engraving Machines


At NICHOL your engraving is in experienced hands.

Engraving is a very specialised field. With so many types of material that can be engraved you need to be sure that the right method of engraving is selected for your product.


Before we start your job we need to understand your intended use. that way we can analyse the correct material for the application, the design itself, and most importantly the appearance and functionality of the product when you use it. To ensure your return on investment we can supply a range of products to meet your needs exactly. Ranging from steel stamps and type, roll-marking dies, brass plates, to die engraving and more. We have a process or product that will do exactly what you need it to do, how you need it done or we will get it for you. Use our complementary advisory service to make sure the solution to your engraving needs is accurate, functional and cost effective.


Stamping Dies

Stamping dies can be supplied in any shape to suit existing equipment. Any type of logo or design can be incorporated in the stamp. They can be supplied
with drilled and tapped or counter bored mounting holes to suit a press or fixture.

Made from tool steel and heat treated correctly they will stand up to many years of trouble free identification.

Each and every indenting die order received at NICHOL is carefully analyzed by our engraving expert.

When the customer order does not include engraving specifications, our specialists will use their judgement and experience. After carefully considering the many factors relevant to the end use, such as stock thickness, coatings, tonnage available and the method of application we will establish specifications for bevels, depth and face.

Metal Type

NICHOL metal type and typeholders are custom-made to customer requirements. Individual type or logo types are fitted into typeholders in production machines or may be applied by hand to mark and permanently identify products.


Interchangeable type can be used for numbering and lettering by Hot Stamping, Indenting, Printing, Embossing and debossing to make products traceable.


Custom made metal type is available in Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel.

We are also able to supply hardened Steel Type that has been made using the best alloy tool steel and held to very tight tolerances from Automator International. Hardened and tempered to 58-61Rc to give a maximum use full life, the types are available either in handy font sets or individually.

Type Holders

NICHOL have the equipment and skilled personnel to manufacture special type holders to suit your existing production equipment, so that you will be able to mark your product permanently without the need for a separate operaton.


We currently supply both the automotive and primary metals industries with hand held type holders for batch and inspection marking.


We are also Australasian agents for Automator precision type holders, that can be used either by hand or in a variety of marking machines.


Interchangeable steel type and/or NICHOL custom made steel stamps will help to provide your products with professional identification and traceability from a high quality mark.