Roll Marking Machines


Manual, electric and electro-pneumatic operated Roll Marking machines are capable of producing clean, well defined marks with adjustable depth of penetration.

They combine the traditional benefits of roll marking with improved erformance and innovative design features.  With a simple yet robust construction, these machines have a stress-relieved frame to provide maximum rigidity.

The head, made from spheroidal graphite iron is fitted with an easily accessible stroke adjustment up to 180mm. Mandrel support is supplied with the machine and can be fitted in either of two fixed positions. Constant marking depth, even or irregular shaped components is achieved by spring washers.

A variety of models are available to satisfy almost any requirement. The machines can be fitted with different marking accessories such as type-holders and type, special dies, numbering heads and many different part supports.



Small Diameters


Medium Diameters


Big Diameters


Integration and Continuous

MB71UE - Integration
MB71CE - continuous
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