Providing the Lastest Technology, Since 1958

With over 60 years of experience, Nichol Industries is a market leader in simple and cost-effective product marking, traceability needs and labelling solutions in Australia.

We understand our customers and the many challenges they face in the supply chain with accuracy, efficiency and processes.

Our product identification solutions cover a range of applications, industries and technologies.

All our permanent product identification solutions can be personalized to specific customer requirements.

Our range includes:

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We Still Do It All Inhouse

  • Design: Provide full design services ensuring marking systems suit your particular application and needs
  • Engineering: Manufacture in-house custom-designed marking machines and fixtures
  • Tool marking: Provide manufacturing tools used in the production of different types of metal tags
  • Pressing: Up to 500 tonnes of available capacity
  • Engraving: Our traditional business that is successfully running even today

Featured Products


Laser marking machines, are a quick, effective and safe way to leave permeant markings on a variety of material.

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Our comprehensive range of Dot peen marking machines are the most advanced options available in the market today.

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We have a wide range of tooling that allows for manufacturing of various blank metal tag shapes and sizes.

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Impact stamping solutions are ideal for applications where a fast marking of standard information is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 'industrial marking solutions'?

Industrial marking solutions refer to product identification and marking systems that are designed to provide permanent marking of images, texts and graphic designs on a range of industrial equipment, surfaces and material.

Who buys your marking solutions?

For over 60 years Nichol Industries has been helping customers in a vast range of industries with diverse material application needs. Some of the many industries we cater to are engineering, mining, construction, metal fabrication, automotive, valves, pumps, rail and defence.

Why do companies need industrial marking solutions?

Different companies need Industrial marking solutions for different reasons. Some of the needs are:

  • Fulfil mandatory business regulations
  • For marketing and advertising products
  • To defend against counterfeit products
  • Adding decoration and aesthetics
  • Defend against manufacturer liabilities (criminal and civil)
  • Attain market product traceability
  • For Personalisation and customization of products
  • To modify the product’s surface
  • Imprint important product or company information


“Our dot peen system is so easy to use. Thank you for all your efforts in working out the right system for us ”

“We have been using Nichol for many years now. I really appreciate their straight forward approach ”

“We looked at a heap of different laser marking systems and decided on the Automator nanoVIS from Nichol. I’m glad we did. It’s been fantastic so far”