Laser Marking System

Our bench top laser marking systems are perfectly suited for the in-house marking of GS1 Project i-Trace compliant tags and labels

The one model can be used on a number of materials including:

                              – Stainless steel

                              – Plastic

                              – Aluminium

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Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen marking is best suited for indenting GS1 Project i-Trace compliant codes directly into steel components.

These method stamps a dot matrix pattern into the material.

They are the longest lasting method available, designed to last the life of the product

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Label Printing Machines

We have a range of rugged printers that produce tough metal tags. These systems produce project i-trace compliant labels especially designed for heavy industry and extreme conditions. 


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Barcode Readers – General use

Xenon 1900

  • Easy to pickup and use
  • Custom Sensor optimized for barcode scanning
  • Fast reading and decoding, 
  • Multi-angle reading
  • Light Weight for comfort and ease of use
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Barcode Readers – DPM

Honeywell 6300dpm scanner

  • Custom DPM illumination system creates readable images from all marks
  • Custom DPM decoding engine assures the highest reading yield on DPM codes
  • Rugged, ergonomic design ensures best-of-class durability
  • Omni-directional reading of DPM codes delivers superior performance regardless of mark orientation
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Barcode Label printers

Zebra ZD421T label printer

  • Zebra are the world leader in barcode label printer
  • This printer is suitable for both product and asset labels
  • Various labels sizes available
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